I have come to earn money .. Kamal retaliated against Nelson!

Director Nelson Dileepkumar, who entered cinema by directing reality shows aired on television in the early days, has since made hit films like Kolamavu Kokila, Doctor and is currently making the film Beast with Commander Vijay.

The film was recently released but did not fare as well as expected. This is why Netizens have been articulating Nelson on social media. This aside, in one of his old interviews, ‘I came to the cinema just to make money. No matter what good pictures are taken, they will only talk about it for a few days. The trace that came after that will disappear without knowing ‘.

Netizens have been editing the video of Kamal speaking in retaliation for the old video of Nelson speaking.

Kamal said, ‘Come to the cinema only if you have a dream. There is a different way of doing business. That’s why there is a different business. This business is an art business’, Kamal would have said.

And what makes a difference between selling drugs and folk medicine is the difference between a film with a good story and a film made just to make money.

Netizens are keeping a close eye on Nelson’s talk that this is a movie made only for money, and that it sells drugs fast and makes a lot of money.

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