I should not chant even if Nelson sings .. Rajini who jumps on a different variable field

The Beast movie directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay was well received by the fans. But despite the artistic criticism, it was Vijay’s fan base that achieved the record in terms of collections

But many blamed the film’s screenplay for the Beast’s failure. Though the dance, song, verse and fight scenes in the film are wonderful, the screenplay is said to be the reason for the failure of the film.

Nelson, who is currently directing with Rajinikanth, said that Rajinikanth first wrote the screenplay for the film. Currently Rajinikanth has asked his close friend KS Ravikumar to write the screenplay for Leader 169.

So it has been reported that KS Ravikumar is writing the screenplay. Already Rajini and KS Ravikumar have teamed up to release super hit films like Padiyappa, Muthu and Linga which have been monopolized by the fans.

Similarly, if KS Ravikumar writes the screenplay for Rajini’s 169, director Nelson Dileepkumar is confident that Leader 169 will be a hit on another level. Nelson is therefore looking at every work for this film so that the mistake made in Commander Vijay’s Beast film should not be made in Leader 169.

Because Nelson is desperate to break the Sun Pictures’ reluctance to give the film to Nelson a hundred times after Beast and to meet the expectations of the fans. But it is noteworthy that Rajini is about to go to the US for a medical examination.

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