I want an equal role too .. Put Sivarajkumar in leader 169

Superstar Rajinikanth is set to star in his 169th film directed by Nelson after Annatha. Aishwarya Rai is said to be in talks to play him in the film. The film also stars Priyanka Arulmohan, Ramya Krishnan, Vadivelu and many more.

Filming for the film is set to begin in August. In this situation, the news came out that Kannada actor Sivarajkumar is acting in the film. How Rajini is a mountain in Tamil cinema as well as Sivarajkumar hill in Kannada. Thus it is seen as the biggest thing that the two of them are acting together in the same film.

But the official information has not been released yet. In this regard, in a recent interview given by Sivarajkumar to the question of whether you are starring in a Rajini film, he left with a clever answer that it would be a huge surprise to the fans.

Thus it is certain that the leader is playing Sivaraj in the film 169. But many questions arose as to whether he was playing Rajini’s friend or brother in the film. But now the character he is going to play has been released.

In other words, Sivarajkumar will play the role of an intimidating villain alongside Rajini in the film. That’s why he said in that interview that a surprise awaits the fans. Although he did not confirm this, the news came from credible sources.

The crew plans to complete the shooting of the film soon and release it for Pongal next year. Following this the next update for Leader 169 movie is waiting to come and delight the fans.

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