I was in tears .. Robo Shankar was the first to open his mouth about Parthiban Mike throwing

A few days ago a big controversy erupted when actor Parthiban threw a mic at Robo Shankar at a night film festival. Parthiban apologized for behaving in such an indecent manner.

After that Robo kissed Shankar and took a photo and released it.

Robo Shankar Description

Robo Shankar has given an explanation about this incident. “The audio engineer turned off the mic exactly when I needed to speak, and I struggled as much. That’s what this Michaela threw up to talk about. It just so happened that I didn’t like it. ”

“He’s a director who does not hurt anyone. He can be loved by everyone. My family has the greatest respect for him.”

“He sent me a voice note. I was in tears when I heard it. He has asked me so much. 1008 Tension will only make some mistakes. He apologized on stage for that.”

“Casting Shadow of the Night has been a lifelong experience for me. I’m like starring in 25 films. Look at how many Oscars and national awards it’s buying.”

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