I will die if I leave anymore .. Vishal who went there for the above treatment diligently

Actor Vishal showed his best performance through village stories and took place in the minds of the fans. Following this, the actor contested and won the union election. Vishal, who has seen many successes in a row, has not been getting any pictures right now.

Vishal is currently starring in the film Lathi. The film stars Sunaina opposite him. Also Lathi is emerging as a Pan Indian film. In this situation, Vishal has been accused from time to time of not coming to the shooting properly from time to time.

The main reason for this is the problem that Vishal has. That is, he played the lead role in the film Avan Ivan, which was directed by Vishal Bala. Vishal will be acting like Marukan throughout the film. Thus causing damage to his eye.

When Vishal was undergoing treatment for it, he got a single headache called migraine. Due to this he was not able to attend the shooting properly due to severe headache. Vishal is overweight due to several problems following. Many more slides thus hit Vishal.

Vishal has now gone to Kerala for treatment for fear that he will die if this is left as it is and the cinema carrier will also leave. Vishal is following the Ayurvedic method in that treatment. Actors like Vijay and Simbu have already gone to Kerala for treatment.

Ajith recently went to Kerala for treatment to repair an injury sustained in the bike stunt scenes in the film Strength and to lose weight. It was also reported that he was treated at a traditional Ayurvedic treatment center there. Currently Vishal has gone to Kerala for treatment which is causing concern among his fans.

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