I will not act in such an advertisement .. Yash who threw away the multi crore rupees deal!

The second part of KGF is currently making achievements at the Indian box office. The film has already crossed the 1000 crore mark.

Pan masala advertisement

In this situation, Yash Banerjee refuses to act in a spice advertisement and rejects the multi-crore deal. It is confirmed by the agency. It’s also known as the Double Digit Deal.

Praise has been heaped on Yash for rejecting the multi-crore deal, saying people’s health was important.

Troll on Ajay Devgan

The Hindi vs Kannada problem is erupting as KGF2 has set a box office record. Actor Sudeep says Hindi is not the national language, actor Ajay Devgan said that Hindi is the national language. Thus the word war between the two language fans on the internet is going on.

Ajay Devgan continues to star in the Pan Masala commercial. Many people have been trolling for mentioning it. Praise is heaped on Yash for refusing to act in it no matter how many crores he pays.


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