I will not tie the knot if he is not there .. Uncle Gopi who is comfortable with the 2nd marriage

Gopi, who has been sticking 2 people on the same track in Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial, is eagerly awaited by the iconic fans as to when he is going to marry his wife Bhagya.

But every time Kobe escapes somehow, this time while talking to Bhagya in the bedroom, Bhagya gets stuck asking Bhagya about something that only Bhagya told Radhika. However, she managed to say something,

Radhika then tells Gopi that Bhagya should definitely come to our wedding. But Gopi, who did not deny Radhika at the time, thinks in his mind, ‘She was the one in my marriage’ with a bit of comedy.

Gopi, who has escaped for so many years, will definitely catch Radhika when the situation arises that he will not be able to escape in the days to come.

Because Bhagya’s children are all big children, in a few more days he will be settled with his family. But Gopi has a deep feeling that there is no one left for Radhika except Gopi.

However Bhagya is the only one who is going to be disappointed by this, despite the fact that Bhagya is going to live with Baghya’s pet and Bhagya can live without Kobe with a spouse of the family.

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