“If God Wrote It, Let It Be” will be in cinemas on May 13!

Gonca Vuslateri, Burak Yamantürk and Öznur Serçeler play the leading roles in the movie.

in the director’s chair Baris Yosh‘s romantic comedy movie “Allah Written If It’s Broken” is counting the days to meet the audience. The script was written by Gökçe Tezdoğan and Gökhan Yıldız, and the producer of the film is Ferit Turan, the founder of Lara1 Production.

The lead roles in “If God Wrote It, Let It Be” Gonca Vuslateri, Burak Yamanturk and Oznur Sparrows while sharing, the cast also Pelin Oztekin, Emre Dinler, Merve Saritas, Emre BulutWalison Fonseca and veteran players Nurseli İdiz with Koksal Engur is located.

The plot of the movie is briefly as follows: While living an ordinary life like all of us, Irmak misses love. His first and only love is his childhood pen pal. They never saw each other, but they understood each other very well. Being understood brings with it love. But over time, they stopped correspondence and lost each other… Days pass, Irmak is in her 30s. On the night of her best friend Eliz’s engagement, a superstition comes to mind: If you put the house key under your pillow, you would see the man you will marry in your dream. Of course, it doesn’t stop, Irmak et al. Irmak puts the keys under his pillow, but what is that? His best friend Eliz’s fiance enters his dream. He says this is what will happen, but he is still affected by his dream. Wherever he sees him, he is running away from Burak, Eliz’s fiancee. However, no matter how much he escapes, this is destiny, and the paths he always avoids catches Irmak…

“If God Wrote It, Break It” is in cinemas on May 13!

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