If Vijay does this enough – SAC …

Supreme star Vijay

Commander Vijay is one of the top stars of Tamil cinema and his films continue to be huge box office hits.

Despite the mixed reviews of the recently released film Beast, it has made great collections in Tamil Nadu.

Actor Vijay and his father SAC have always been at loggerheads over the issue, and the issue has been hotly debated since SAC’s recording to turn the fan forum into a political scene.

Conjunctival SAC

Following this we see SAC talking about his son Vijay and in a recent interview given by SAC he is heartbroken about Vijay.

In it Vijay should come and meet us once a month and he should come and pat us on the shoulders saying hi ba, hi ma.

SAC is so busy that he comes once a month and wants to talk to us for half an hour.

Beast lifted from theaters in bulk! Is this the situation for Vijay movie ..

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