If Yogi Babu plays with Vijay, the movie will be a flop! The post that caused a stir on the internet ..

Yogi Babu’s response to bad criticism

Actor Yogi Babu is still the most popular and busy actor in Tamil cinema.

Yogi Babu has acted in many movies to the extent that no matter what movies are released Yogi Babu will not be without it.

Yogi Babu, who is also active on the social networking site Twitter, has a habit of posting about his movies from time to time.

So he had recently confirmed that he will be starring in the film Commander 66.

One fan commented on the post, “All the three films you and Vijay have starred in are blockbusters.

Yogi Babu replied, “Thankyou Pa.”

If Vijay does this enough – SAC …

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