If you trust Rajini anymore, your career will go away

Production company Sun Pictures has confirmed that Nelson will be starring in Leader 169 after Rajini Annatha. Composer Anirudh was also contracted for the film. In this case, the recently released Beast movie directed by Nelson did not go well.

This raised the big question of whether Nelson would direct Rajinikanth’s film. Rajini, who was confused as to whether the film would be made, posted a profile of Leader 169 on her Twitter page and confirmed that she would be starring in the film. But the release date of the film is yet to be announced.

In this situation, the big question is what will be Rajinikanth’s 170th film. That is, it was reported that Rajini will be starring in Arunraja Kamaraj’s film following Nelson’s film. Arun Raja sang the song Nerupuda in Rajinikanth’s Kabbali.

The director is at a loss as to when to start the film as the film is currently in question. Arun Raja thinks that it will take more than two years to direct Rajinikanth’s film.

Thus he is currently trying to keep Karthi and direct the next film. Karthi is currently starring in Viruman directed by Muthiah. The final stages of the film are in progress.

In this situation, Karthi Arunraja Kamaraj has acted in the movie Viruman with his finished hand. Arun Raja is currently busy working on the film. And the official announcement for the film will be released very soon.

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