Ilayaraja abandoned the director in a difficult situation .. then the super hit film

Ilayaraja is the only composer that many Tamil cinema fans like. In that sense, he is proud to have built our Tamil cinema with his melody. He has been composing music for many years and still has a separate mausoleum.

He is also a good example of where there is controversy where there is fame. He is as angry as he is talented. Because of this he is often embroiled in controversy.

Many films have been well received and successful in his music. One of them is the movie ‘Azhaki’ directed by Thangarbachan. The film, starring Parthiban, Devyani and Nandita Das, gave Thangarbachan a good reputation.

Thangarbachan has faced many difficulties in releasing the film when it was ready for release after completion of shooting. He also had financial problems. No one came forward to help him at that time.

The director has gone to Ilayaraja for help as he thought that the film he had worked so hard for should be released somehow. But Ilayaraja who did not come forward to help him says that all this is very common in cinema so you should go back to your hometown.

Shocked by this, Thangarbachan is unable to do anything. The producer of the film, who was a friend of the director at the time, worked very hard to release the film. In a way the release of the film caught everyone’s attention. The songs of the film are also popular everywhere in the menu. Thangarbachan is currently reporting this information in an interview.

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