In ‘Lock Up’, Poonam Pandey promises to be topless again, saying ‘this time bra will not last’

Mumbai- Actress Poonam Pandey is known for handling adult content in social media handles. There was a time when he promised to be topless when India won the World Cup. Recently, once again, he made the same promise after getting a lot of votes in Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Up’. He said that if he got votes in ‘lock up’ and was safe then he would be topless.


In fact, for fear of being evicted from the lock-up this weekend, Poonam Pandey came on camera and said, “If you vote for me in full, I will take off my T-shirt this time, maybe not even a bra.” Will remain


Poonam Pandey’s statement is very big. It remains to be seen how much this big promise helps them keep up the show. Whether the viewers will vote for them in full or not will be known in the coming episodes.


It may be mentioned that in ‘Lock Up’, Poonam had earlier promised her fans to be topless in return for votes. Then when Kangana Ranaut saved Poonam for the weekend, she took off her top, but she was wearing a bra so she could not keep her promise.

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