In Tamil Nadu alone, there are so many Kodia in total! KGF 2 approaching Beast image ..

KGF 2 collection hunt

The much-anticipated KGF 2 movie was released on April 14 in India.

Following the first part of the sensational hit, the second release of the KGF film has been on a box office hunt in India.

Accordingly, the KGF 2 movie is expected to gross around Rs 1000 crore worldwide.

In this situation, KGF 2 movie in Tamil Nadu is in the second week of collection hunt than the first release.

According to reports, KGF 2 has grossed over Rs 70 crore in Tamil Nadu alone.

Also KGF 2 has amassed an unprecedented collection in yesterday’s 11th collection of KGF 2 movie.

Vijay’s Beast who broke the overall gross of strength film in less days!

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