Incident that affected Vijay! Fans who went in person and helped …

Beast released tomorrow

Actor Vijay, the rising star of Tamil cinema, has been releasing his films amidst great anticipation.

In that sense he is currently starring in the upcoming film Beast directed by Nelson. The whole of Tamil Nadu is out in the midst of great anticipation.

Accordingly, the film is said to break all first day box office records and set a new record for the Beast.

The incident that affected Vijay

Meanwhile, Vijay was recently interviewed by Nelson. It aired on Sun TV last Sunday.

One of the many things Vijay said in it was that the boy was killed in the shooting incident.

Meanwhile, members of Vijay’s People’s Movement have donated ₨ 25,000 on behalf of the Vijay People’s Movement to the family of Pukazhenthi, the boy who was killed in the Pudukottai shooting.

Beast will not be released in the main corporation of Tamil Nadu! Shocked fans ..

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