Incorrect Side of the Tracks Ending, Explained: Who Eliminated Sandro?

Produced by David Bermejo, Netflix’s criminal offense series ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ focuses around ex-army captain Tirso Abantos, who gets included with regional drug lord Sandro when his granddaughter Irene gets injured by Sandro’s guys. Initially entitled ‘Entrevías,’ the Spanish series advances through Tirso’s efforts to safeguard Irene and her sweetheart Nelson from Sandro’s gang.

Starring Jose Coronado as Tirso and Nona Sobo as Irene, the program provides a fascinating experience, with an amazing ending. Considering that the advancements that conclude the program’s very first season are appealing, we have actually taken an in-depth take a look at the exact same. Let us share our ideas! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Incorrect Side of the Tracks Recap

Wrong Side of the Tracks’ starts with Tirso Abantos’ birthday. His child, child, and their household get together, just for the event to end in a battle over the inheritance of Tirso’s possessions. Later on, Tirso’s child Jimena’s adoptive child Irene calls him to conserve her from “the block,” a well-known part of Tirso’s community called Entrevías. The ex-army captain discovers a pack of heroin in Irene’s bag and gets rid of the exact same in anger. His granddaughter lets him understand that she and her sweetheart Nelson are being gone after by regional drug lord Sandro. The drug lord asks Ezequiel, a police who works for him, to eliminate Nelson if the kid cannot return the pack.

To settle the conflict, Irene goes to fulfill Sandro however gets raped by his guys. Ezequiel, who enjoys Nelson’s mom Gladys, threatens Nelson to elope from the community if he wishes to live. When Sandro understands that Nelson isn’t dead, he requires cash from Ezequiel to settle the matter. For the sake of Gladys, the police pays Sandro to stop him from hurting Nelson. Nevertheless, the latter learns that his sweetheart was raped by Sandro’s guys. He partner with Tirso and his 2 pals, Pepe and Sanchís, to burn down Sandro’s drug warehouse.

Furious, the drug leader strips Ezequiel and makes him stroll through the community as a declaration. Ezequiel encourages Tirso to sign up with hands with him to reduce Sandro. Ezequiel’s exceptional Amanda prospers in detaining Sandro, a minimum of momentarily, to make him recognize that he isn’t untouchable. To precise vengeance on Sandro for hurting Irene, Tirso and his 2 pals attempt to find his drugs to ruin the exact same. Throughout their search, they stumble upon a huge stack of cash, which they discard in front of a food bank without exposing their identities. Irene, to manage her injuries, begins to utilize oxycodone.

Nata and her sweetheart Loko partner with Ezequiel to burn down Sandro’s drug supply. Despite the fact that Loko is reluctant initially, he understands that he needs to stand versus Sandro to end up being the next drug lord. They find the expected place of the supply and Loko goes to the location however gets eliminated by Sandro’s guys. Nelson, believing that he is the factor behind all the bad luck Irene suffered, breaks up with her. He reveals to Irene that he informed Tirso about her drug dependency and lets her understand that she requires to keep away from him and the risks he has actually developed for her to improve.

Ezequiel attempts to elope from Entrevías when Yeyo learns the genuine identities of the Robin Hood gang which Ezequiel is with them. He ultimately chooses versus eloping and goes to Amanda to turn himself in for assisting Sandro. Amanda ensures him resistance from arrest if he rejoins Sandro’s gang as her spy to locate “the Phantom,” an unidentifiable drug lord who is more effective than Sandro.

Incorrect Side of the Tracks Ending: Is Sandro Dead? Who Eliminated Him?

Yes, Sandro is dead. When Sandro’s guys eliminate Loko, Nata chooses to precise revenge on the drug lord. She looks for Nelson’s aid however he lets her understand that he cannot get associated with problem once again. He understands that he requires to stick with Irene as she goes through a difficult time. Nevertheless, Nelson and Irene’s separation modifications Nelson’s mind. When his sweetheart entrusts to her mom, far from Sandro’s reach, he partner with Nata. She goes to La Rosa in camouflage to eliminate the drug lord however deserts her strategy when the latter’s bodyguard acknowledges her. She leaves her weapon in a bag at the club and flees.

Nelson, on the other hand, gets in the club in a hoodie. He eliminates Sandro when the latter gets engaged with Ezequiel. As far as Nelson is worried, Sandro has actually been absolutely nothing however a life destroyer. He is the one behind the sexual attack Irene suffers, which leads the way for her drug dependency and ultimately Nelson’s separation with her. Loko’s death even more increases Nelson’s fury versus the drug lord. When he understands that Irene is far from him and Sandro, secured by her mom, he joins Nata to see completion of the drug lord.

Prior to Sandro orders Loko’s death, she prospers in modifying her relationship with the latter. Loko even lets her understand that he is all set to dream big and end up being the next lord of Entrevías. By eliminating Loko, Sandro ruins her relationship and aspirations at the exact same time. Eliminating Sandro isn’t simply the outcome of her choice to retaliate on her sweetheart’s killer. She desires Sandro’s throne to rule the drug scene of the community as she has actually dreamt with her sweetheart. With the aid of Nelson, Nata makes sure that Sandro’s throne is not unattainable.

Is Gladys Dead or Alive? Do Gladys and Tirso Get Together?

Gladys lives. Tirso turn over the secret to his hardware shop to Santi without having a look at Yeyo. Santi opens the shop and goes to the basement, just to see Yeyo connected to a chair. He releases Yeyo without understanding who he actually is. A released Yeyo ties Tirso’s child on the chair and goes to discover Sandro to expose the identities of the Robin Hood members. He sees Tirso at Pepe’s bar and tries to eliminate him with a knife. Gladys, who sees him, attempts to conserve Tirso however gets stabbed by Yeyo. Considering that an ambulance reaches the scene in no time, Gladys gets conserved.

On the other hand, Tirso acts gently towards Gladys, who enjoys him. When Ezequiel lets her understand that they can elope from the community with a great deal of cash to a nation of her picking, she is reluctant. Ezequiel understands that she enjoys somebody else, regardless of her persistence that she is not. Tirso, on the other hand, begins to treat her with more regard and care. He stops calling her the profane term “Panchito” and shares a heartfelt minute with her prior to the ambulance shows up. Despite the fact that they do not get together, modifications are taking place in Tirso’s mind for him to think about Gladys as a partner.

Do Tirso and Irene Reconnect?

Yes, Tirso and Irene do reconnect. When Tirso familiarizes that his granddaughter is taking in drugs, he loses all faith in himself. He believes that he cannot look after her any longer. Believing that all her bad luck, from the sexual attack to the drug dependency, occurred when she lived under his watch, he calls Jimena to take Irene far from him. Irene, who will be required to leave for a boarding school in Switzerland, attempts to withstand Tirso’s choice however stops working. She entrusts to her mom, cutting her ties with Tirso out of anger.

Nevertheless, the news of somebody attempting to eliminate Tirso shakes Irene. She goes to her grandpa to ensure that he is great. Irene understands that her grandpa has actually constantly been there for her. The lengths he has actually broken Sandro for injuring her, by burning down the latter’s drug warehouse and taking his cash, relaxes her indignation towards Tirso. Yeyo’s effort to eliminate Tirso more melts the anger in Irene and makes her rush towards her grandpa to reconnect.

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