Irfan sacrificed his love at the age of 16, know the whole story

Mumbai- Famous Hindi cinema actor Irrfan Khan had bid farewell to the world on this very day. On April 29, he lost his battle with a neuroendocrine tumor and at the age of 53, he closed his eyes forever. Even though they are not with us today, the memories associated with them are with us. The personal life of this legendary actor was no less than a movie. Today we are going to tell you some things about Irrfan Khan’s life that very few people will know.

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At the age of 16, Irrfan Khan had a heart attack. This girl was none other than the daughter of their milkman. He himself had mentioned his love story in an interview. Irfan said that they used to go for milk only so that they could see the face of the milkman’s daughter. Not only that, the girl smiled at them.


When he first called the girl by name, he reacted very well. Then one day the girl called Irfan to her room. The actor thought that something was going to happen now but his hopes were dashed when the girl handed him the letter. The letter was to be given to Irfan by a boy living in the girl’s neighborhood. The girl was in love with someone else and they made Irfan a messenger. Irfan also decided to sacrifice his love and considered himself a hero and delivered the letter to the boy. She was so innocent at the time that she did not even read the letter.


He used to ask in prayers that he should marry this girl. But their prayers were not answered. Irfan said that he was so engrossed in the girl’s grief that he kept listening to Mukesh’s painful songs for several weeks.


The love story of Irrfan and his wife Sutapa is also very interesting. Irfan had told Sutapa that if his family wanted, he was ready to convert to Hinduism but it was not necessary. Sutapa’s family adopted him anyway. He had said in an interview that his wife was keeping a close eye on his work. If it weren’t for Sutapa, I wouldn’t have a Hollywood job or my own house.

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