Irina Baeva rules out separation from Gabriel Soto with a romantic photo

Irina Baeva rules out separation from Gabriel Soto with a romantic photo

And it is that several local media reported that the protagonist of “my way is to love you” would have shown his interest in his co-star, with whom got married during one of the scenes of the melodrama, in addition to having delivered an expensive giftand be the presumed person responsible for the cancellation of the commitment between Corrales and Rafael Gutiérrez.

Although they were caught during celebrating his birthdayand it was speculated that Soto had an approach to the mother of the actress, the Colombian has indicated on several occasions that there is no romance with the soap opera heartthrob, something that was supported by Irina Baeva.

Irina Baeva And Gabriel Soto Did Not Separate

Through her social networks, the actress of Russian origin shared with her almost 4 million followers a photograph in which she is seen hugging her boyfriend, ruling out rumors of a possible separation or sentimental relationship with Sara Corrales .

In less than 24 hours, the photo, which has no more description than a red heart-shaped emoji, has exceeded more than 166,000 reactions, although the actress has chosen to limit comments.

The image is part of the vacation that Irina Baeva has been taking in the Mexican Caribbean, as far as Gabriel Soto would have given her, who is finishing recordings of “My way is to love you”, the telenovela in which she stars with Susana Gonzalez.

The Holidays Of Irina Baeva And Gabriel Soto

Although the photograph caused surprise among the followers of the actors, the truth is that it is not the first of the year in which they are seen together, since on January 17 it was revealed that both shared vacations.

” It was a pleasure to provide OverNight Service Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto ,” shared the chef Abimael Angulo along with an image in which he is seen with the couple.

However, this meeting would be solely for business, as they would have been invited to promote an establishment in the Riviera Maya.

“ Several celebrities were invited just this weekend for a promotion in a hotel, so there was a commitment to go to this place and spread the word. But they know the situation very well and Irina is very clear about it: there is no longer love, at least on the part of Gabriel towards her , “said Ana María Alvarado from “The Price of Fame”.

Irina Baeva Responded To The Rumors Weeks Ago

About a month ago, Irina Baeva spoke with TV Notas and referred to the rumors of their separation, assuring that they were only comments, since their relationship was solid.

“ I’m still in a couple, we’re perfectly fine. It was more a matter of the media, but we never separated, there was never a crisis (…) We go to the movies, we are together at home, but we should not publish anything to prove something , ”she explained.

At the time, the actress also made it clear that they had no recent photos together as they were separated.

“ We haven’t uploaded photos because we haven’t been, and when we’ve been, we don’t worry about uploading things on the internet or on Instagram. In other words, they are not necessary for us, so don’t worry , ”he added.


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