Iron Man 3’s Legion of Suits Was Full of Potential – However the MCU Wasted It

Iron Man 3's Legion of Suits Was Full of Potential - However the MCU Wasted It
Iron Man 3's Legion of Suits Was Full of Potential - However the MCU Wasted It

The Iron Legion as it showed up in Iron Man 3 was among the coolest ideas introduced into the MCU. Here’s why target markets needed even more of it.

Iron Man 3 had an impressive ending. When it appeared that all Tony and also Rhodey had to take on Aldrich Killian and also his Extremis army was each other and a weapon, in flew 34 Iron Man fits.

Regrettably, due to the nature of Iron Man 3 as a fairly standalone blockbuster, the certain function and feature of each fit were not checked out in the movie. As well as by the movie’s end, every Iron Man shield was ruined. This is an amazing pity due to the fact that the production team placed a superior amount of initiative right into the style of each coat of mail that comprises the Iron Legion in Iron Man 3. They also provided most of the fits names.

The Iron Legion in Iron Man 3 was criminally underused, and also, unfortunately, the principle was never ever revisited in rather similarly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With over 30 different variants of the now-familiar Iron Man armor, it’s an impressive accomplishment to have a lot of special variations that are fairly easy to determine on-screen. It’s an extremely enjoyable final battle, with Tony running and also jumping from fit to match as he maintains attempting to go toe to toe with the Extremis soldiers.

However, in order to appreciate these matches with any level of depth, one has to do their own research as well as analysis. While omitting this info encourages fans to involve with the flick’s extra materials, it gives an increased level of deepness that would certainly have been appreciated in the movie itself. The fits are designed with details functions in mind, but these are never ever presented on screen. “Heartbreaker” has a larger than regular arc activator, however it’s never ever made use of as a strike. “Shotgun” is developed to go Mach 5, but target markets never ever see it break the. “Starboost” is designed for sub-orbital area traveling, yet target markets never ever see it leave Earth’s atmosphere. Understandably, enabling these matches to satisfy their feature would’ve called for dramatically revamping the ending, and that would not have been simple.

In subsequent appearances in films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Iron Legion is not an army of individual and also unique Iron Man matches, instead of being a collection of identical unmanned drones. They look consistent as well as basic in this film and don’t have the style of the Iron Legion from Iron Man 3.

Probably in the large multiverse, there is one more globe where the Iron Legion from Iron Man 3 made more than one film appearance, a globe where they reached their full possibility on the cinema. As it stands, their full potential is delegated the creative imagination of followers– which, in all fairness, is not the most awful place for it to be.

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