Is Commander 66 a Tamil film or a Telugu film? Vijay’s reply given by Surprise

Vijay’s next film Commander 66 started with Pooja in Chennai last week. The reaction of Rashmika Pooja, who has become a heroine in the film, became more viral.

Commander 66

The director had earlier said that sentiment would be more important in the film, which will be directed by Telugu director Vamsi and starring Vijay.

So there is an expectation that Commander 66 will attract more family fans.

Telugu film?

Dil Raju, who is producing Commander 66, is a leading producer and director in Telugu cinema and everyone thinks that this film is a Telugu film because it is Telugu. Nelson questioned Vijay in a Sun TV interview as to whether that was true.

Vijay replied, “This is a Tamil film. They just wanted to make a live Tamil film. It will be shot in Tamil as usual and then dubbed in Telugu and released.”

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