Is Google Kuttappa surpassing Android? Thermal Flying Review

Scientific stories are very rare in our Tamil cinema. While some of the films that come out like that attract fans, most of the films fail to do so.

Google Guttappa is the only film currently in the lineup. Produced by KS Ravikumar and Vijayakumaran, the film is directed by Sabari Saravanan. The movie was released in Malayalam under the name Android Kunchappan version 5.25 and became a huge hit.

The director has directed the film in Tamil with Darshan, Laslia, Yogi Babu and many others. Generally science fiction movies are great. This picture is taken without any such grandeur.

KS Ravikumar and Darshan both play the roles of father and son. Darshan leaves his father for work abroad and sends a robot to accompany him. KS Ravikumar, who did not like it at the beginning, is using it as his son.

KS Ravikumar refuses to give it to Darshin who comes back to buy the robot after some time. What happened next is the story of this Google Gutt. Although the film is not a Malayalam film, KS Ravikumar’s acting is a bit comforting.

Yogibabu’s comedies are also somewhat admirable and the song sequences do not attract a large audience. Needless to say, Darshan has tried to act. Compared to him, Laslia has no job in this film. In fact he still has a lot to learn in acting. Unlike the usual heroines, there are no big scenes in the film that tell her anything.

So many fans who have seen the film have been commenting that the film is surgical. In that sense, the Tamil remake of the Android Kunchappan movie, which made Malayalam movies loved by Tamil fans, failed to impress the fans.

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