Is it necessary to keep just 35 kg? Anirudh has shocked the Kapoor family

Anirudh, who is currently busy with several films in Tamil cinema, is next targeting Bollywood. Anirudh has made such a decision thinking that if he is here they will not let him grow up, he just has to ride the horse inside the bombshell.

He is currently manipulating a number of innovative strategies so that he can show his talent and progress only if he goes elsewhere. Similarly, AR Raghuvan, who was a famous composer in Tamil, is now famous all over the world.

In addition, he has a loyal fan base in Hindi. That is why Anirudh now seems to be turning his attention to the Bollywood side. He has now moved to Mumbai and is staying at a huge star hotel there.

Anirudh is also said to be doing a lot of work to sway the brokers who come there. The big surprise is that Anirudh is circling around with 3, 4 bouncers.

This is where the celebrities become less and less popular and come around with bodyguards. But he is also showing the bandh shown here in Bollywood. This is what many people are talking about now. Not only that but the Kapoor family has been roasting Anirudh that he is going around town without a bodyguard.

And the fans who have heard this are the Bollywood heroes who have never put bouncers like this. If you’ve only 35kg, people are teasing you as to why this works. Celebrities in the film industry are wondering whether he needs such publicity at his own expense.

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