Is it simple only if Vijay eats 100 rupees biryani? Video of Rajini talking about Simplicity is viral

Vijay was recently interviewed by Sun TV. Director Nelson asked Vijay questions.

100 rupees biryani

Vijay once invited Nelson to dinner. Asked if he could eat then, Vijay ate 100 rupees biryani. Nelson asked how simple it was.

Vijay also said that the biryani would taste good. But it says nothing about Simplicity.

Rajini Video

In this case, the interview video given by Rajini 2.0 at the time of its release has now gone viral. In it he is talking about Simplicity.

“I do not understand what Simplicity is. I am going to a BMW car. Being at Boise Garden House, eating at a 5 star, 7 star hotel. I do not understand how to say simple,” Rajini said.

Netizens sharing this video .. Is Vijay really that simple? As have been questioned.

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