Is JK Dead in The Family Man?


‘The Family Man’ season 2 sees Manoj Bajpayee reprise the role of the dogged agent Srikant Tiwari. The show’s richly populated theme of a government secret agent trying to protect his country whilst also juggling his family life plays an even more significant role in this follow-up season, with Tiwari’s dangerous duty and highly susceptible domestic life colliding in a very disturbing way. As he darts from crisis to crisis, Tiwari finds solace (though he will never admit it) in his close friend and colleague JK.

Possibly the only person who sees both sides of the family man’s dual life, no one understands Tiwari as well as his goofy womanizer friend. It, therefore, comes as a shock to both the characters on the show as well as audiences when JK is feared dead. A true precipice in the plot that could change everything and shatter the show’s protagonist, let’s take a look at whether JK is dead or not.

Is JK Dead?

Agent JK Talpade has two close brushes with death in season 2, both at the hands of the vengeful rebel Raji. The first time around is when, after a frantic chase, the rebel pilot is surrounded by agents. Not realizing how well trained she is, JK steps too close to her and is instantly and expertly overpowered and taken hostage by Raji. As she holds his gun to his head, the show hits one of its most nail-biting moments as JK’s life hangs by a thread. Raji, however, chooses to escape instead of killing the TASC agent and JK, visibly shaken, survives.

Soon after, JK and his colleague Muthu investigate a private flying school which, unbeknownst to them, is being used as a temporary rebel base. The agents’ suspicions are raised when the flying school appears empty except for 2 men with flimsy alibis. JK decides to investigate and walks into the plane hanger which houses a plane packed with explosives. As soon as JK discovers the explosives, the hidden rebels open fire. Outnumbered and outgunned, the 2 task agents attempt to escape. Once again, JK is outsmarted by Raji who hides until he thinks the coast is clear and then shoots him in the back when he attempts to run away.

In the dark, the audience as well as Raji are left clueless as to whether JK is dead or not. Upon reaching the spot where he falls, however, Raji and the rebels are unable to find his body. We then see a heavily wounded JK crawling through the underbrush until he reaches the highway. Before he can reach the road and catch people’s attention, however, JK loses consciousness.

His body is discovered the next day by a villager, who steals his phone but leaves him there. Fortunately, the intelligence agents have been tracking JK’s phone and find the villager as soon as the phone comes on. The agents subsequently find JK’s body on the side of the highway and after several tense moments whilst the doctors check for a pulse, he is confirmed as alive and rushed to the hospital. The bullet wound inflicted on him by Raji, fortunately, misses major organs and we see JK at the end of season 2, still recovering from his injuries, accepting an award for bravery from the Indian Prime Minister.

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