Is Kgf 2 different from Ajith’s strength and Vijay’s Beast? – Theater Important Announcement

Rajini, Vijay and Ajith are considered as the great actors of Tamil cinema. The films of these 3 have done great things at the box office.

In addition, Rajini-Vijay films will make competitive collections by changing. That’s how Vijay’s Beast was expected by the fans, but the film is struggling to get a normal collection.

Meanwhile, Kgf 2, which was made in Kannada cinema, has been released and is attracting people. So the crowd for the film in theaters is increasing.

Many people have been filming Kgf 2 since Beast took the picture.

Rohini Cinemas

The main theater in Chennai is Rohini, which is where many celebrities come to see the film. Fans will also be more interested in seeing the film in this theater.

Currently the owner of this theater Nikhilesh has put a tweet. This means that Yash’s Kgf 2, which was released on April 14, has been very well received so far.

The crowd of fans, ticket booking has recorded that there was no such grace for any film from 2020 to 2022.

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