Is Sarah Shahi Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?


Sarah Shahi has been a fixture on television for many years and has appeared in shows like ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ ‘Alias,’ and ‘Reverie’ amongst many others. The Iranian American actress, who was an NFL cheerleader in her younger days, has also appeared in a host of movies. Most recently, she leads the cast of Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life‘ as a conflicted housewife tempted by her erotic past. The popular actress has had an interesting personal life as well, with some recent developments that fans have been curious to know about. Here’s what we found out.

Sarah Shahi’s Ex-Husband and Children

Sarah was married to actor Steve Howey for over 10 years. The two met whilst filming ‘Reba,’ a sitcom that Steve starred in and Sarah appeared on as a guest cast member in 2004. The two subsequently began dating and got engaged three years later on a trip to Hawaii.

The couple got married in February of 2009 in Las Vegas and soon after had their first son William in July of the same year. Sarah and Steve also had twins— Violet and Knox, in March 2015. Despite having a stable marriage for several years where they took time out of their busy schedules for each other, the two announced their separation in 2020.

The divorce was filed in May 2020, and as of January 2021, the couple is officially separated but remain friends and committed parents to their three children.

Sarah Shahi’s Boyfriend

Sarah’s current boyfriend is her ‘Sex/Life’ co-star Adam Demos. The two first met during the show’s production, and got together sometime while season 1 was filming between August and December 2020. Though they only began to appear together publicly after filming wrapped up in December, both Adam and Sarah have described the ups and downs of dating a co-star.

Considering their characters share a volatile and highly sexual relationship on screen, both the actors admitted that it may have added to their chemistry on the show. However, their role as actors always came first, and the two would spend some of their workdays without making eye contact so that they stayed focused on their characters. There were also days when scenes involving Adam’s character being particularly hurtful to Sarah’s were filmed, which were not easy for both the actors once they started dating.

Sarah’s recent divorce also helped her relate to the character of Billie who she essays on ‘Sex/Life.’ Billie is a housewife and mother of 2 whose idyllic married life is sent spinning out of control when her hunky and enigmatic ex-boyfriend Brad (essayed by Adam) re-enters her life. Many of the thoughts and questions that Sarah had pondered during her separation, she now found her character going through on the show.

Adam and Sarah’s relationship has been a whirlwind, with the two seen in different places on vacation, which is understandable considering the former’s love for travel. It is unclear at the moment where the couple will set up a new base for themselves. Sarah, who hails from Texas, has been living in Los Angeles while Adam is known to divide his time between the US and his native Australia. Also, their busy work schedules are sure to keep the two traveling quite often. The couple was recently together in Georgia, where Sarah is filming for the upcoming DC Comics superhero movie ‘Black Adam.’

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