Is The Tomorrow War A Sequel to Edge of Tomorrow?


The Tomorrow War’ is an extravagant alien invasion sci-fi horror from Chris McKay in the director’s live-action debut. The story revolves around a middle-class family man, who is plunged into the moors of a damned future to save humankind from an impending crisis. When a group of future soldiers descends upon earth to warn humankind of its nearing extinction by the invasion of ghastly aliens, army veteran turned biology teacher Dan Forester finds himself in a central role in the unfolding apocalypse. The governments come together to agree upon military conscription to combat with the aliens, and Dan waits for his turn to commence the journey to the future. As he comes back to the present with a mission to change the course of history and save his daughter, he teams up with his estranged father and fellow draftees to embark upon a journey to the source of rupture.

The film packs some spectacular moments, a lot of heart, and an adequate amount of humor to keep the fans on the hook. But some of you are asking whether the film is a follow-up of the 2014 sci-fi ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ In that case, we have you covered.

Is The Tomorrow War A Sequel to Edge of Tomorrow?

No, ‘The Tomorrow War’ is not a sequel to ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ Although both films contain some identical tropes, the stories are set in different cinematic universes (or multiverses). In both of them, alien invasion meets temporal loops to create an immersive cocktail of horror and intrigue.

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is an intelligent sci-fi mind-bender helmed by Doug Liman, whose other directorial works include ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ and ‘The Bourne Identity.’ Based on the Japanese popular novel ‘All You Need Is Kill’ by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the loopy story revolves around US army media relations officer William Cage, who travels back and forth in time to win an improbable battle against a bunch of extraterrestrial intelligence. The aliens, called the “mimics” possess the ability to control time, which makes the story all the more interesting. When Cage accidentally acquires the ability to travel in time, he uses it to his advantage, changing timelines and deciding the fate of humanity in the process.

The Tomorrow War’ reads a little differently. The story centers on Iraq veteran aspiring scientist Dan Forester. Unlike Cage, Dan is well versed in combat situations. Moreover, this cinematic world is attacked by tentacular aliens called whitespikes, who are not even distant relatives of the mastermind Omega of the mimics. Whitespikes do not seem to be intelligent creatures, but with sharpshooting and potentially toxic spikes, they look as spooky, if not more. The time travel mechanism is also quite different in both films. While ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ relies on the power of the aliens to turn back time, in ‘The Tomorrow War,’ the future humans have managed to decode the puzzle of time travel themselves.

However, after the cliffhanger ending of the ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ fans are hoping to see a follow-up. As it often happens in sci-fi adventures, the film gives the impression that the story continues in disparate timelines even after the ending. If you’re wondering, we are obliged to tell you that a sequel of the film is in the works since 2015. In the spirit of the time-bending narrative, the director divulged that the sequel would also be a prequel. In October 2019, the director announced that the script for the sequel, titled ‘Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat,’ is set in stone after going through several rewritings. Although the director remains quite hopeful about the sequel, the fate of the project is still shrouded by uncertainty.

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