Is there a scary guy Rakshan: Everyone is shocked to see the video

Rakshan has been a presenter on Vijay TV. He has been hosting Cook With Clown, the channel’s main show, for three years now.


Since Cook With Clown is a full-fledged comedy show, many clowns continue to articulate protection. Some people, including Manimegala, will dissolve the defense even if it is a waste that he is on the show.

Rakshan, however, takes it all as comedy and he is a good host of Cook With Clown.

Is there a scary person?

Rakshan is currently posting a video of himself doing a bike stunt on his Instagram page. He is riding the bike as he sits on the bike handle.

Many people are surprised to see it. “Ala Patha is to be a dummy pizza. But a scary person to be,” says Manimegala.

Many including Bigg Boss Gavin and Pavithra Lakshmi are amazed and appreciative of Rakshan.

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