Is this a problem in marrying actress Andrea? – What a tragedy it is

Actress Andrea played a minor role in the first film Kandanaal in 2005. He is just beginning his journey as a background voice actor.

Pachaikkili Muthucharam, who later became an actress, was highly regarded by one in a thousand films. He played the lead role in the films of big actors like North Chennai, Mankatha, Viswaroopam, North Chennai and was much talked about by the people.

The tragedy that Andrea encountered

Despite being a successful heroine in cinema, she has experienced great tragedy in real life.

A few years ago someone told me that his life had deteriorated and so I was suffering physically and mentally.

Only the details of that person being a politician were revealed.

Andrea on marriage

At this point actress Andrea is asked a show question about marriage.

In it he asks himself, ‘When will Andrea get married?’ But no one will ask me to marry them.

He has said that one cannot marry for the sake of getting married.

That’s the only reason Beast is not good – it’s not good, S.A.C. Open Doc

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