Is this a situation for Dhanush film director? The incident begged Elon Musk

Karthik Narain has attracted the attention of the fans as a young director in Tamil cinema. He started his journey with the film Poles Sixteen and has directed many films like Narakasuran and Mafia. The Mafia movie received many accolades.

Following this, his short film Agni was well received by the fans. The Hollywood standard film starring Aravindsamy and Prasanna was acclaimed and gave the director a good name.

Maran, starring Dhanush, was a failure for him as he was a successful director. Thus he met with many criticisms. Beyond that he is currently directing the movie Colors 3.

The film stars Adarva, Sarathkumar and Raghuman among others. In this case, Karthik Narain has made a request to Elon Musk, who currently owns the Twitter site. In it he says that Yev Elon Musk asked if you would be happy if you bought and released the Narakasuran film just before you went to March.

Because this Narakasuran movie directed by Karthik Narain was ready for release 5 years ago. The film, starring Aravindsamy, Shreya Charan and Admika, is lying dormant due to economic problems.

The film is yet to be released despite several attempts to release the film. That is what Karthik Narain is currently referring to as comedy. The post he posted is currently garnering a lot of likes and comments.

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