Is this a situation for Tamil cinema? Betrayal abandoned by Shankar to Murugadoss

Many states in India are making films and making its mark. In the first place, Hindi cinema, that is, Bollywood is taking many films to world class today. The actors and actresses in it are performing on the world stage. Thus every state is making films as they see fit and gaining popularity.

Next to Bollywood our Tamil cinema i.e. Kollywood was spoken of as good directors good actors good technologies took Tamil cinema to everyone and the world. There are many states that have learned a lesson from our Tamil cinema.

If you look at the huge material cost next to Tamil cinema, the Telugu cinema world is next to it. Kerala cinema will only shoot for the story, not economically. Next up are Kannada movies. Now is not the time for all these people to be jealous of Tamil cinema.

Telugu cinema is booming now because the Rajamavuli cast is making the film a success and taking the cast of the film to world class with a gross of over Rs 2000 crore.

Kannada cinema, which has been making films for 15 years, is now world class. The reason for this is that the same film KGF was released in two parts. The record in collections is being created. KGF Director Prashant Neil Yes has been a huge success with the protagonist.

Thus, Tamil cinema grew around a few directors and a few great actors. For example Brahmanda director Shankar is now not accepted in Tamil and has gone to the Telugu side. Murugadoss, Lingusamy Hari, the great Tamil directors who did not direct Tamil films today have gone to the Telugu side. Films of great actors are also facing failures. Today, Tamil cinema is lagging behind in its success. In a sense it is like an orphan. We will see in the coming times how to recover and how to succeed.

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