Is this a tragedy in the life of Vijay TV KPY Bala? Four times love failed ..

Bala is one of the leading comedians of Vijay TV. He has been featured on many comedy shows on that channel including Cook with the Clown.

Bala’s comedy has a huge fan base. Apart from TV, he also participates in youtube channel programs, college festivals, temple festivals and many other events.

love failure

In this situation, Bala is currently participating in Vijay TV’s Niya Nana show. He has said that he has met love failure four times so far and that they are one-sided love.

When I saw a woman in 2019, a spark came. The woman also got used to talking. When I told him I was in love he left saying he saw me as a brother. Bala has been saying that there is no love in my life after that.

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