Is this going to happen again for Kgf 2, the Rockyboy who rules Tamil Nadu? – Fans at Sema Kushi

Kgf 2 is a movie released on Tamil New Year on 14th April. The movie starring Yash, directed by Prasanth Neil, was celebrated by a large number of people in Tamil Nadu.

Beast Kgf 2 Collection Hunt

The Beast movie has grossed over Rs. 192 crore only, but the Kgf 2 film has grossed Rs. Has collected over Rs 700 crore.

The film is expected to run very successfully for 2 more weeks as the craze for the film is increasing among the people.

Number of theaters

Kgf 2 by Vijay’s Beast got only a few theaters in Tamil Nadu. Kgf 2, which has been released in over 350 theaters, is now in theaters.

Tirupur Subramaniam said that now an additional 60 theaters have been allotted for the film.

Kgf 2- day-to-day camel collection hunt that broke the lifetime collection record of Bhagwati film

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