Is this the case for Beast .. Beast collections in the US are so much lower than KGF2

Vijay’s Beast came on screen on the 13th. The film received a lot of negative reviews as it did not live up to expectations.

KGF2 dominated

KGF2, which was released on April 14, is currently dominating the box office. The film is all set to touch Rs 300 crore soon in Hindi alone. KGF has sidelined the Beast movie in Tamil Nadu too.

Currently, more than 450 theaters are reserved for KGF2 alone. For the second week in a row special shows are being put on in some theaters early in the morning. The response has been overwhelming.

Beast in the abyss in the United States

Beast collections are in the abyss now that 10 days have passed. Yesterday the KGF2 film grossed $ 231,455 in the US, while the Beast received just $ 9,425.

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