Is this the new Sandhya of Raja Rani serial? The photo that suddenly shocked the fans

Raja Rani2

Raja Rani 2 is a serial that is being aired on Vijay TV without any famine.

Sidhu will play the protagonist and Riya will play the heroine.

He has come to act in response to Alia Mansa. Also, this is the first serial for actress Riya.

From the day Raja Rani made his entry, the fan base for him has started to accumulate.

Shocked fans

Actress Riya, who is always active on her Instagram page, is constantly posting beautiful photos on it.

Meanwhile, fans were shocked to see a photo posted by actress Riya last year.

Yes, fans are shocked that there are so many differences between Riya seen in the serial and Riya seen in this photo.

Here is the photo ..

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