Is this the son of recently born Pakiyalakshmi serial actress Jennifer? – Has grown up well

Pakkiyalakshmi serial is a series that is highly watched by Vijay TV fans. There has not been so much cast change in this series.

So far only two character changes have taken place as Cheliyan and Radhika. Reshma is now playing the role of Radhika, played by Jennifer before her.

She left the serial just because she was pregnant.

Jennifer Insta

Actress Jennifer gave birth to a baby boy in November last year. He himself had posted that information on his Instagram. After that she posted photos of her son on the Instagram page.

This is where Jennifer cuts the cake and celebrates her husband’s birthday. Then she took a photo of her two sons and family as a husband and posted it on Instagram.

Fans who have seen it have been commenting that the beautiful family, your second son has grown up well.

The pose given by singer Jonita Gandhi to surpass the heroines is very viral

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