Is this why serial actor Sai Prasanth committed suicide? – The actress said openly

Serials beyond pictures are the most talked about people right now. Actress Devi Kiruba is famous for acting in good hit serials on the iconic screen.

Has been traveling the iconic screen for over 20 years.

Actress on Media Travel

Being in this field since I was 13 I became more interested in designing. So I studied design 5 years ago and now I design myself.

The Bliss serial gave me great reach, and I’m still talking to everyone who starred in it.

Actors Association

After entering the cast I understood what politics is. Those who used to be brother and sister have all changed for the better. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

And he is a very brave person of actor Sai Prasanth. Without food and money, he would have died. The problem with his wife is that he thinks he wrote in the letter that he died because of a salary issue.

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