Is Udayanithi lifting the cinema? Great bosses who go in search and surrender

Ten years after the DMK rule, it is now one year in power. All projects and activities are progressing very fast. All the MLAs and ministers are running for the people. We know this through many televisions.

But people have a suspicion of what it is. Ivanka runs TV, runs a newspaper, without which Udayanithi Stalin is the protagonist and produces films. People look at it with a kind of fear and suspicion.

Look at all the films that go with it. The film is shot by Red Giant. The film is released by Red Giant. Without it, Sun Pictures’ top stars would not be able to shoot on a big budget. Keep taking pictures even if every film is a failure. This is what people doubt.

No doubt some things are happening now in the minds of the people in the former DMK regime. Let everyone be skeptical. Is it important to be scared of everything in cinema, to be afraid of everything he said? Look at what is true and be different.

Please release as many Tamil films as you can that cannot be published. Buy only the relevant commission after publishing what is special without paying for it.

Thus it is a very healthy thing for all the producers to struggle to release their own films without cinema. We look at their skepticism on the outside to believe it is unknown. That is why all these films do not come out beautiful in their endeavor.

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