It’s been 31 years! What actress Khushboo said after posting the photo ..

Memorable actress Khushboo

Khushboo is a very popular actress in the Tamil film industry who was a leading actress in the 90s.

And even now Khushboo has been a busy actress in cinema and iconography.

Chinna Thampi is a 1991 film directed by P. Vasu and starring Khushboo.

The film stars Prabhu and Khushboo in the lead roles and many other important actors with them. Actress Khushboo has released a post about the then big hit movie Chinna Thampi.

In it, Khushboo posted, “I can not believe that it has been 31 years since the release of Chinna Thampi. All the moments were new. We wanted to give a good movie, but P. Vasu has made history.”

Beast grossed Rs 1 crore in a single theater right now!

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