James Franco Away From Set Due To Abuse Lawsuits Announces New Project

Franco will star in the action thriller “Mace,” which will be directed by Jon Amiel.

James Franco came to the fore with allegations of sexual abuse in 2019 and was prosecuted. Franco, who has not taken part in any project in the intervening three years, announced his new project.

It will be directed by Jon Amiel, the director who has signed the famous actor “Entrapment” and “The Core”.maceHe will play the leading role in the action and thriller “.

Written by David Chisholm, the film tells the story of two very different cops. Mace (James Franco) is a corrupt and dangerously deranged veteran cop. Virgil Woods is a young cop who believes he can fix the system despite the likes of Mace. Fed up with the racial injustice on the streets of America and choosing to stand up to Mace’s tyranny, Woods risks everything he believes in to stop Mace from destroying the city…

The lawsuit that led to James Franco taking a break from acting was filed in 2019 by Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal. The two alleged that Franco and his associates used their power as a teacher and employer to engage in widespread inappropriate and sexually explicit behavior towards female students, promising to provide them with the opportunity to take part in their projects. Franco and his business partner Vince Jolivette claimed they were victims of fraud, alleging that they paid $300 a month for an acting school opened in 2014, and that they were intimidated and sexually objectified.

Although Franco’s lawyers dismissed the allegations in the case as “false and provocative, legally baseless”, they agreed to pay $2,235,000 to settle last summer.

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