James Gunn Responds to Zachary Levi’s Controversial Tweet

James Gunn Responds to Zachary Levi's Controversial Tweet

DC ‘s creative director in theaters, filmmaker James Gunn commented on the recent controversy with Zachary Levi on social media. The director of The Suicide Squad (2021) reinforced that he does not agree with the views of the star of Shazam! , but that “can’t change plans” at DC.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference for the announcement of the new DCU, Gunn was asked about the Shazam! , and said:

“The actors and filmmakers I work with will say things I agree with and things I don’t agree with. It will just happen. I don’t have a list of what people should or shouldn’t say based on what I think. I also can’t change my plans all the time because an actor said something I don’t agree with.”

Levi was criticized for retweeting a post critical of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, claiming that the company would be a great threat to the world. Although the actor stated that he was referring to the controversies of large pharmaceutical companies with the costs of health plans in the USA, many users accused the star’s position as an anti-vaccine, for Pfizer being one of the main producers of the vaccine against Covid-19.

For now, Zachary Levi continues as the DC hero in Shazam! Wrath of Gods , which hits theaters March 16. Keep an eye on Nerdbunker for more news.

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