Jaybeam who achieved in the midst of controversy .. He is the hero who surpassed Surya

Jaibeem was the biggest controversy film released last year starring Surya. Many political parties protested that the film, which was based on a true incident, should not come out.

Beyond that, the film was critically and commercially acclaimed. Manikandan and Lijimol Jose, who played the lead roles in the film, received huge acclaim.

Currently the film has set another record. That means Jaybeam has been selected as the best film at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival. Manikandan also won the Best Supporting Actor award for his realistic performance.

The company was started by Dada Saheb Phalke to promote the best screenplays in cinema. Through this, many good works are selected every year and best recognition is given.

This award for Jaybeam is considered as the pride of Tamil cinema. The news was proudly announced on social media by Surya’s 2D Entertainment, which produced the Jaybeam movie.

His fans are now celebrating Surya who has been making films with social comments recently. And Manikandan, who played the character of Rasa Kannu, has been trending on social media, soaking in the rain of congratulations from the fans.

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