Joe Jonas replied to Sophie Turner about the ownership of the ex-couple’s daughters

Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner on September 5, shocking fans of both celebrities, who shared the following statement: “After four wonderful years together, we have decided to end our marriage by mutual consent. “There are many speculative stories about the motive, but in truth this is a joint decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect the wishes of our and our daughters for privacy .

However, it seems that the separation is no longer so amicable. It seemed that the couple had reached an agreement, at least that’s what they say about Joe Jonas , where the parents decided to jointly raise their daughters, who would have to travel from the USA to the UK to spend time with each of them. Something difficult that has already triggered a first short circuit in the former couple.

What happened between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner?

Apparently, “Sophie said she wanted to bring the girls to the UK for good,” Jonas’ representative said. “Then he demanded that Joe hand over the girls’ passports so that he could take them out of the country immediately. If it agrees, Joe will violate the Florida court order, “he explained, referring to the order issued by the court a few weeks ago, which stated that ” both parents were forbidden to transfer the girls “. On the other hand, it turned out that Sophie received this package “on the 6th. September 2023, more than two weeks ago. ”

Joe wants to be a father to his ex-wife, but does not accept that the word “kidnapping” was used to describe the situation that the family went through. Jonas’ representative assured that the girls were never detained and continued: ” Sophie makes this statement only in order to transfer the divorce proceedings to the UK and permanently remove the girls from the USA.” The girls are currently in the care of their mother after spending the last three months with Joe Jonas .

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The statement concludes: “Joe has previously denied all statements that were allegedly made on his behalf and disparaged Sophie. They were created without your consent and do not coincide with your views. His wish is that Sophie rethinks her difficult legal situation and takes a more constructive and private approach. “His only concern is the well-being of his daughters . ”

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