John Segotta’s Murder: Where Are David Mead and Lisa Segotta Now?


Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women,’ as the title suggests, is a show that profiles some of the most cold-blooded homicides to have transpired at the hands of women. Whether it be detectives or crime reporters, those closest to the case delve deep into the brutal and horrifying truths behind them in each episode. So, of course, season 13’s episode 10, aptly titled ‘Loveless,’ is no different. Chronicling the murder of John Andrew Segotta, along with its aftermath, it details how a heated affair can turn someone’s whole world upside down. Curious to know the details of the same? We’ve got you covered.

How Did John Segotta Die?

Born on April 11, 1955, in Raton, New Mexico, John Andrew “Andy” Segotta had managed to build a stable life for himself in the state. Not only was he working at Boyle Engineering, a reputable firm in Albuquerque, but he was also married to Lisa Jeanette Segotta, a student at The University of New Mexico. From the outside, the couple seemed to have a great relationship. Yet, as it came to light on the late evening of March 30, 1981, that was not at all the case. After all, that’s when John was brazenly attacked and slain right outside the building doors of his city office.

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Lisa and John had driven to the firm at her request so that she could type out a paper for a class and spent roughly half an hour there before leaving at around 10 p.m. to return home. However, just as they walked out, a man grabbed John while another lurked around, as per Lisa’s account. She ran to a local store to get help, but by the time she returned with some others and the police, two men were lying on the ground. The assailant was hurt, but John was dead. He had sustained over forty stab wounds, resulting in some fatal slashes to his torso and profuse bleeding.

Who Killed John Segotta?

Lisa Segotta identified the other male at the crime scene itself, calling him David O. Mead, a man she’d known for some time. During her questioning, she said that her husband had no enemies but openly acknowledged that they previously had problems of their own. She had once thought of filing for divorce, she said, but they had soon reconciled. It was during this time that Lisa and David met and began their affair, which continued even after she and John got back together. Subsequently, as David was interrogated at the hospital, he admitted that they’d planned John’s attack.

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David claimed that he and Lisa had intended for several weeks to scare or strike John because he allegedly assaulted his wife, and they wanted him to leave her alone. Though, he never stated that the plan was murder, only that he was a knife expert and had killed John after he stabbed him in the leg, which was consequently amputated. On that fateful day, the pair had met for lunch, discussed the confrontation with the 25-year-old, and Lisa bought a knife after going through the points for the office assault. It was her idea for David to cover his face.

As a result, David borrowed his roommate’s vehicle and set out to frighten John as per Lisa’s guidance. The same car was found near the scene, with the keys still in the ignition and Lisa’s fingerprint on the plastic wrappings of the women’s stocking David had used to hide his identity. Furthermore, the fact that Lisa had asked a co-worker at the part-time job she held about a hitman only a week prior made it clear that they had premeditated John’s murder. Thus, they were both charged with felonies correlating with that.

Where Are David Mead and Lisa Segotta Now?

Image Credit: Albuquerque Journal

When David Mead and Lisa Segotta stood separate trials for the charges against them, the most crucial testimony was by Lisa’s co-worker. As per their accounts, Lisa had asked about hiring a hitman twice for “a friend,” claiming that it would be an easy hit, especially as the target often walked to work through dark alleyways and open areas. It was later affirmed that John frequently did the same and took a similar route. The prosecutors then alleged that the pair’s motive was John’s life insurance policy, which would help kick start their lives together.

In the end, David was acquitted of conspiracy but convicted of the lesser included charge of second-degree murder, whereas Lisa was found guilty of second-degree murder as well as a solicitation to commit first-degree murder. They were sentenced to 12 years in prison, with Lisa receiving an additional four years for the offense of solicitation. On request, the Court of Appeals affirmed their convictions but agreed to a resentencing. Since then, they have both been released. From what we can tell, while Lisa has passed away, David prefers to live his life well away from the spotlight.

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