Just How Fear The Walking Dead Sets Up Season 8

Just How Fear The Walking Dead Sets Up Season 8
Just How Fear The Walking Dead Sets Up Season 8

In spite of exactly how unsatisfactory Season 7 was, Fear the Walking Dead sets up Season 8 to be an eruptive follow up to the PADRE secret and also Madison’s tale.

Heading right into Season 8, Fear the Walking Dead has a lot to offset. Season 7 has confirmed to be a breast among fans and also doubters, but it did take care of to provide a season finale that assures a better future for the collection.

She made her arrival in Season 7, Episode 16, “Gone,” along with a couple of various other surprises (tip, hint: PADRE is not the great individual they were charged up to be). With PADRE as the accredited brand-new baddie and Madison making her means back right into mainstream Walking Dead culture, there are plenty of set-ups Fear the Walking Dead is making for its eighth season.

Madison Clark Is Back as Destroyer of Communities

To begin strong, Madison returns as a creature in PADRE’s vile plans to abduct kids for a much better globe. The whole of the Season 7 finale is her as well as Morgan butting heads as a result of her obligation with PADRE, especially after she removed with little baby Mo. By the end of the 46 minutes of straight strife and moral conversations on kidnapping kids, Madison accepts help Morgan obtain Mo back and also make PADRE see the mistake in their methods.

Fans of the older seasons recognize well sufficient that Madison does not stick around for an excellent time; she sticks around to trigger pure jangle. With Madison being back with a thirst for revenge and also an upgraded hammer that puts her on the degree of the Seraphites in The Last of United States II, PADRE doesn’t stand an opportunity.

Wait, Fear the Walking Dead’s PADRE Is Real?

Alicia rotated lie after lie in Season 7, constantly rejecting PADRE’s presence, claiming that she is PADRE. Fear the Walking Dead will certainly get to the end of the PADRE rainbow in Season 8, with Madison and also Morgan heading to the deceptive team on the water.

The Season 7 finale still does not supply excessive information on the team, apart from they steal children for the hell of it. Will there be a Death Stranding moment where it’s disclosed the kids are the key to humanity’s survival? It would not be far-fetched for Fear the Walking Dead to declare something, but today PADRE just appears to be worried concerning keeping the population undamaged without emotional links. PADRE is a whole brand-new territory for the gang, and one that’s still also large of a mystery.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Will Focus on … Sherry?

Sherry hasn’t offered much to Fear the Walking Dead, specifically being half of the most awful couple on this program. Season 8 is looking to alter points up with Sherry being PADRE’s greatest target. With PADRE looking for kids, infants and also pregnant females, Morgan’s very first reaction was to sell an expectant Sherry out to get Mo back. Currently, Sherry gets on the water with the remainder of Morgan’s team searching for PADRE. With PADRE posted on the water as well, it makes Sherry more prone to be discovered. For all everybody knows, Sherry’s condition will allow her to obtain an inside take a look at the day-to-day operations of PADRE that Madison was rejected.

For once, Fear the Walking Dead could really have a plan for its future. Whether it’s a good strategy … visitors will have to wait and see. For now, audiences can wait out their Fear the Walking Dead tiredness by making their own predictions for how the upcoming period will certainly work out.

To see just how Season 8 is established, view the Season 7 ending of Fear the Walking Dead. All episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 is streaming now on AMC+.

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