Just How Old-School Hollywood Inspired The Boys’ Stan Lee Character

Just How Old-School Hollywood Inspired The Boys' Stan Lee Character
Just How Old-School Hollywood Inspired The Boys' Stan Lee Character

Showrunner Eric Kripke discusses just how The Boys’ The Legend, transformed from a pastiche of Stan Lee to a combination of classic Hollywood producers.

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke went over just how the just recently presented personality, The Legend, evolved during development from the Stan Lee homage introduced in the comics to a number influenced by traditional Hollywood producers.

In a meeting with CBR, Kripke was asked to clarify on the Legend’s introduction to the award-winning series in Season 3’s fifth episode, “The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies”, and exactly how the ideas for the personality transformed. “The comic publication version of the Legend, he’s very clearly certainly based on Stan Lee,” he said. Wonder Studios was just a shimmer in Kevin Feige’s eye.”

” So, it made good sense that the person that was the “the legend” in charge of that media would certainly be a Stan Lee-type,” he continued. “In our globe, comic books are type of what comic books are now in reality, which is like a remarkable medium but a reasonably small slice of the audience. In our world, it’s Vought Studios as well as huge flicks as well as tv shows on Vought Plus.”

To reflect exactly how widespread superheroes are to the social zeitgeist of The Boys’ universe, Kripke as well as his team determined to change the basis for The Legend to an old-school film producer like Robert Evans, the kind of individual that would certainly be the “king” of the media in the program.

The Legend is played in Season 3 of The Boys by star Paul Reiser. It doubts exactly how big of a role he will play in the rest of the collection, thinking the character does appear in future episodes. He was shown to have a partnership with a series of characters within the Prime Video collection’ world, consisting of Mother’s Milk and Soldier Boy.

Seasons 1 and also 2 of The Boys are readily available to stream currently on Prime Video. New episodes of Season 3 are launched every Friday.

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