Kaguya-sama Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Described

In the 8th episode of ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ season 3, entitled ‘Kei Shirogane Wants to Show Off, About Kaguya Shinomiya, Part 2, and Kaguya Wants to Confess,’ Miyuki’s more youthful sis is humiliated by her bro’s absence of style sense and takes him shopping. On the other hand, Kaguya discovers the story behind the Hoshin Cultural Celebration and starts to think about admitting to the Trainee’s Council President. Here’s whatever you require to understand about the ending of ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ season 3 episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Because the intermediate school cultural celebration will be held, Miyuki asks his sis Kei whether she can offer him some feedback about his concept for the very same. That’s when she asks him about the clothing that he prepares to use for the celebration. When Miyuki shows his routine black clothing, Kei is infuriated and informs him that she won’t speak with him if he does not alter things and ends up being cool enough to deserve her attention.

Miyuki right away alters his clothing and returns in a brand-new clothing in front of her, just to make her much more dissatisfied. Kei informs her bro that he appears like an eighth-grader and seriously requires to improve clothing. When Miyuki simply attempts to change the clothing that he is using with the hope that Kei might wind up taste something about it, he outrages her much more. Kei takes a look at Miyuki’s closet so that she can develop a possible mix that won’t be as awkward as the clothing that he is using now.

Regrettably, in spite of her best efforts, Kei is required to quit considering that her bro’s clothing generally do not have a sense of style, and she highly feels that even an eighth-grader would be humiliated by them. When their dad learns what his kids are going over, he informs Miyuki to take his watch, which he declares to be taken by the Apollo 11 team to the moon. He goes on to discuss that he needed to conserve up for nearly 3 years to be able to manage the watch.

Nevertheless, the valuable watch is undoubtedly rather old, and Kei is not impressed by it at all. She informs her bro to drop the concept of using it to the celebration. However by now, Kei has actually understood that she has a great deal of work to do. In order to make Miyuki more nice so that he does not humiliate her, she chooses to take him for some shopping right away. The brother-sister duo purchases brand-new clothing, and the following day, at the celebration, Kei’s good friends are impressed by her bro.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 3 Episode 8 Ending: What is the Story Behind the Hoshin Cultural Celebration? What Are the Myths Associated With It?

While guaranteeing the preparations for the Hoshin Cultural celebration, Kaguya gets curious about a heart-shaped locket that she has actually seen the previous year too. So, she asks Tsubame about it, who is shocked that Kaguya is unaware about the story behind the celebration. She discusses that in a particular land numerous centuries back, there lived a princess who was seriously ill. Her dad, who was naturally worried, began wishing her wellness. That’s when he got an incredible message that he should burn a youth’s heart in fire and after that blend the ashes with the daikon radish juice.

The princess will just improve if she consumes it. When the news spread in the kingdom, a man who enjoyed the princess used his heart, and obviously, regional historic records from the 8th-century claim that it eventually conserved the princess’s life. Kaguya does not purchase the story and feels that the ruler at the time should have collective the story for some intention. Nevertheless, Tsubame goes on to discuss that the locket is for that reason influenced by the very same story, and it is even declared that people who present it to their enthusiasts are blessed with everlasting love.

Will Kaguya Confess to Miyuki?

After discovering the significance of gifting the heart-shaped locket to somebody, Kaguya can’t stop considering the concept of everlasting love. She starts to run various situations in her mind and attempts to come up with a strategy so that she can present Miyuki the heart-shaped memento without looking suspicious. Kaguya admits to Hayasaka that she likes the President and starts to think about proposing to him.

While the apparent unfavorable situations start to demotivate her, she attempts to be as favorable as possible. She discovers guts from the truth that Ishigami is likewise seriously thinking about admitting his sensations to his crush. Although in this episode, Kaguya simply comprises her mind, fans can lastly anticipate her to make the big relocation quickly as the double confession arc of the manga will be covered in upcoming episodes.

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