Kajal Agarwal is the director who made her ugly

Acharya is a film co-produced by Chiranjeevi, a leading actor of Tollywood, and Koratla Siva, who continues to give hit films. The film stars Chiranjeevi alongside his son Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde and Kajal Agarwal. The film, which Kajal signed after her marriage, has been blocked several times by Corona and is currently set for release on the 28th.

Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, who were present at the film’s promotions, did not say anything about Kajal’s role in the film, which sparked controversy. They completely avoided talking about him on a recent show. Kajal was not even featured in the trailer released from the film. So is he in the picture? Isn’t it As many questions and controversies have arisen.

Currently director Koratla Siva has responded that the role of Kajal Agarwal in ‘Acharya’ has no significance and it was I who decided to remove her character. Chiranjeevi and Kajal are in one or two scenes in the already released song Lahe Lahe. Despite having those shots, we decided to delete the other parts. He said that he had taken this decision because it was irrelevant to the love story between Kajal and Acharya and was meant to dilute the screenplay.

Kajal was originally scheduled to shoot some comedy and romantic scenes in the film. But it has been decided to remove them as they are not right for the story flow. Therefore, he has told Kajal in advance that he will remove the role given to him and will not take the rest.

After informing Kajal, the team did not shoot any scenes with her and the director added a glamorous sangha so as not to disappoint the fans as the Telugu screen fans are spice lovers. Regina Cassandra dances sexy with Chiranjeevi in ​​that song. Director Koratla Siva has agreed to remove Kajal’s character from the film and cast Acharya as an unmarried person.

While no one knows about it to date, with the release date approaching, the director is sharing the truth with many. He also said that Kajal had told him that she was eager to work with him on a film soon. The film is produced by Ramcharan and composed by Manicharma.

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