Kamal turned the life of Vetrimaran .. An important film that will not be destroyed by time

Vetrimaran is currently the most successful director in Tamil cinema. Vetrimaran Dhanush, who worked as an assistant director for Palumakendra, made his directorial debut with the film Pollathavan. His first film was a huge success.

Following this he has given many hit films like Aadukalam, Vicharanai, Vadachennai, Asuran. Currently the comedian is directing the release film with Suri as the protagonist. Since then Vetrimaran has worked with Surya in the film Vadivasal.

In this situation, Mani Ratnam has said that the film that changed Vetrimaran’s life was the Man film that was made under his direction. Vetrimaran has said that it was the Man film that formed the basis of the gangster story and that inspired me to come to the cinema.

Kamal Haasan also played a challenging role in the film. Vetrimaran had said that no other film like Man has been released in Tamil cinema till now. And Man has seen the movie Vetrimaran more than 45 times.

In this situation, many films starring Kamal are an inspiration to the present cast. Similarly Man movie has been the main reason for many directors to come to the cinema. But as Mani Ratnam has been saying recently, it would appear that some shots may have been taken differently even if the Man sees the film now.

Mani Ratnam has often said that the film would have been talked about a lot if it had been taken that way. Whatever the case, Man of the Immortal is still a fan favorite.

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