Kamal wandering around with a cruel condom on Arya .. a fight that is impossible even to go to America

Director Muthiah, who is rocking the bar in village stories, is currently directing Viruman with Karthi. Recently, it was reported on the internet that both Muthiah and Kamal Haasan have internet in the new film.

After hearing the story told by Muthiah, Kamal has promised that the film will definitely become a festival. Muthiah first prepared this story for Kamal. But as Kamal is getting older and the film needs some changes, they are thinking of casting another actor in the film instead of Kamal.

But Kamal promised to produce the film through his Rajkamal Films. In this context, the recently released Sarpatta Paramparai film starring Arya in ODD was well received among the fans. The film crew had planned to cast Arya in the film as the film now being produced by Muthiah has a village story.

Arya has been offered a salary of up to Rs 15 crore for the film. In this situation, Arya has given the idea to director Muthiah not to take the film in Kamal’s production and to look for another producer and has left Kamal.

Knowing this, Kamal is extremely angry with Arya. The story of the film is good Do not ruin the film by listening to Arya. Kamal has sent a message to Muthiah that we can take this film with actor Vijay Sethupathi if we want.

Kamal is currently in the US for his next film job. From there, the war between Kamal and Arya for the movie Komban Muthiah is going on. It will soon be known who Muthiah is going to direct this film with.

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